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Alongside production of M-CRYO™, we offer a wide range services from maintenance to operator certifications

In order to operate a M-CRYO™, each person must pass the certification and receive one of our M-CRYO™ certificates of completion. We also offer engineering certifications for those who wish to focus on the more technical aspects and maintenance. If for some reason the operator or engineer was not certified while the CryoPool™ was being installed, the separate engineer certification cost is $280.00,  while the operator's certification cost is $180.00. There is also the option to upgrade the operator to the engineer level for $110.00 per person.

Both engineer's and operator's certificates must be renewed every year after the new engineer's or operator's certification guide is studied and the quiz is passed. 

Operator: $95.00 to renew for one year

Engineer: $225.00 to renew for one year

Once you choose your renewal option and make proper payment, you will be sent a manual guide with any updates that have been made since your last renewal (if any) and a quiz. Once we receive your completed quiz, we will mail you your new certificate.



Your M-CRYO™ comes with a one year warranty for parts and labor but we also offer options for extended warranties.

A. Extended warranty per year $1,600 under original contract

May not exceed 3 years;

B. Extended (1 year) warranty for the device which is yet under the original warranty and maintenance contract at $2,200.00. Includes the inspection visit, parts and components cost and labor and two maintenance visits per year. Service call of $275.00 not included. Any additional year is $1,700.00;

C. Extended (1 year) warranty for the device which is not under the original warranty and maintenance contract at $2,200.00 + repair. Does not include the inspection visit $570.00 and necessary repair and tuning. Includes parts and components cost and labor and two maintenance visits per year. Service call of $275.00 not included;

D. Analytical Support Agreement: $1,400.00 per year.

In addition, we also offer Analytical Support, which features a 21-point analysis of your cabin, that Majestic CRYO, Inc performs twice a year. Maintenance occurs in 1st/2nd quarters and 3rd/4th quarters depending on customer traffic. 

Business Training

If you are thinking of opening a CryoCycling™ shop or buying a M-CRYO™ as an extra service for your place of business, we can help you get started!

We will walk you through all operations, training, and pricing components, so that you know what to expect.

Our goal is to enhance your understanding of the idiosyncrasies of this relatively new industry in the USA, enabling you and your team to hit the ground running - both smoothly and profitably!

We offer a detailed user guide for the CryoCycling™ with scenarios for the different goals such as for injuries, athlete’s supports, anti-aging program etc.

$60 in pdf format sent as an email attachment or

$150 for a printed and bound hardcopy


Our new technology allows you to control M-CRYO™ operations via Wi-Fi from any location. This means you can monitor devices from the comfort of your home using you laptop/computer/cellphone. We have four different service tiers to fit your needs:

Pure CryoMonitor™ allows for monitoring of actions but no control; $16.00 per month.

Basic CryoCommand™ allows for basic command options such as "on/off" and "cool/dry"; $24.00 per month

Advanced CryoCommand™ includes all above features and allows remote monitoring from Majestic CRYO command center; $48.00 per month

Total CryoCommand™ includes all features above and allows authorized "end-users" to control all M-CRYO settings; $72.00 per month.

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