MADE IN USA CryoPool™s

M-CRYO™ units are fully sourced and made in the USA (Richardson, Texas). The manufacturing in the US was established in early 2013 to meet all US standards and regulations.  Services provided at no additional cost include delivery, installation, training and certification of operators, and 2-year warranty.

Our two M-CRYO™ models have been designed for reliability, durability, serviceability and efficiency. They are easy to install and maintain, quiet, economical, and suitable for slow, as well as high volume operations. The interior material is frost resistant, and drying during the day is optional. The cabins are capable of providing as many as 15-20 treatments per hour.

We also provide financing options for your convenience!

"Although we now mostly focus on a one size CryoPool™ and CryoTrekker™, customization options are available"

CryoPool™ Elite XL


Customizing Your CryoPool™

We want you to be happy with your CryoPool™ and offer a large range of customization options. 


CryoKnight™ PT

CryoKnight™ HL

CryoKnight™ LX

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