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...and we need engineers in this growing field.

You may become a part of this great project named "Cryosapiens of USA" We are constantly working on making our services the best in the industry and thus we are working on creating a network of cryoindustry engineers whose duty is to serve our customers all around the nation.










Here is how it works:

We are able to provide all necessary training regarding our product and its maintenance in the form of a training course so that engineers are job ready. The online training may take 2 hours of your time and that will be the only investment of yours! 

After the proper training and certification you become a certified engineer of M-CRYO Systems.  The corporate office of Richardson, TX will introduce you to the local CryoCyclinglocations where you will be able to make your first visit to a  new customer in your area. The corporate office pays you a "service call" fee of $110.00 and you start your M-CRYO career as an engineer right then and there!

Future services are paid as follows:

a) each service call is $110.00. It includes the first 30 min of inspection and preliminary diagnosis;

b) any type of software adjustment and/or upgrade is $170.00 per hour and any engineering work is $130.00 per hour;

What is included in your training course:

Your training pack contains the engineering manual which contains the history of Whole Body Cryotherapy aka USA, the brief scientific background for CryoStimulation, current events in the field of the industry, technical concept of CryoCyclingand general engineering knowledge of CryoPool including the CryoGlossary™. 

Upon successful completion of the course and subsequent passing of the certification exam, you will receive your engineering certificate.

What to expect:

Once our engineering prospects pass their examination, they will be dispatched to visit all locations in their area.

Generally, your original time investment is paid back after the first visit only! Even if you may have only one customer in your area you will return your time investment in half a year since the maintenance plan we usually provide to our customers includes at least two visits per year. The second visit includes the temperature sensors calibration and the nitrogen feeding line test. It takes at least one hour of engineering labor which is paid by Main Office in the amount of $130.00. Along with $110.00 for service call you will be paid $240.00 for your second visit. Then all following visits will be your income. 

And you will definitely have good pay for any repair of the device. The medium repair usually requires 4 to 5 hours...

Finally about overhead expenses and service time frames:

We understand that in different areas of the nation, expenses such as gas cost and per-hour wages differ. All necessary adjustments will be made in each personal case in accordance with the area peculiarities. The response time will also be discussed and set according to the domestic conditions;

If you are interested in this great opportunity please follow the steps below:

Step One: Register yourself with our office and download the study materials;

Step Two: Study and learn the materials 

Step Three: Submit the testing material over e-mail to be reviewed by a designated engineer

Step Four: If your testing is not approved, please repeat step two. If testing is accepted then the appropriate certificate will be issued and now you are ready to be dispatched to your first visit.

Please register your request in the form below. If you have questions or concern, please include them below.

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