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Whole Body Cryotherapy is one of America's fastest growing industries.  Would you like to bring it to your community?

 Call us today at 214-235-8014 to find out how to become a cryotherapy treatment provider.  

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​Is whole body cryotherapy right for your business? Find out how it helped others​.

​New Business
Be a trendsetter.

Whole body cryotherapy is an innovative, yet already established concept, proven to work in many markets and embraced by exponentially increasing number of health conscious users. The demand for cryotreatments by far exceeds the supply, and most entrepreneurs can still be the first providers in their city, county, the whole state, or even the whole country!

M-Cryo value proposition for entrepreneurs:

  • -Competitive advantage of innovative upstream offering
  • -US based engineering and manufacturing of units in compliance with US standards, laws and regulations
  • -Universal and simple modular design allowing for easy installation
  • -High capacity
  • -Various models with many customization options
  • -All services and 2-year warranty included in the price
  • -Technical, marketing and information support anywhere in the country
  • -Proprietary performance management of the cabins with web based interface

Sports & Fitness
Offer the therapy of champions.

Whole body cryotherapy is part of a regular training regimen of many top level sports teams and individual athletes, including Olympic Medalists, NBA and NFL champions. It is a time saving, comfortable and harmless dry cold therapy, as opposed to ice bath or similar recovery methods. Treatments in any of M-Cryo saunas will give competitive athletes an edge by enhancing preparation and reducing recovery time so they can train harder and maximize performance, regardless of sports they have chosen.

Sports facilities using M-Cryo receive the following benefits:

  • -Instant preparedness and rapid cooling
  • -High throughput, up to 15 clients per hour
  • -Treatments can be used immediately before and/or after workouts or plays
  • -Increased efficiency with every back-to-back treatment provided
  • -No build up of frost inside the cryosauna cabin and no forced breaks for drying
  • -Pre-set regimens and automated controls for easy operation
  • -Detailed recommendations for use

Health Professionals
Offer a healthier, safer, increasingly popular alternative.

Even though whole body cryotherapy is not a medical treatment approved by FDA, it has been studied for decades and proven to help to achieve better outcomes faster. Physical therapists, sports chiropractors and other health professionals who offer cryosauna as a complement to their other procedures keep reporting accelerated recovery of their patients and reduced need for invasive treatments and medication.

Benefits for health professionals:

  • -Cutting-edge technology that only a few facilities can provide
  • -Proven track record of faster recovery and effective pain management
  • -Advanced therapy administered in just three minutes
  • -Recommendations for use and pre-set automated treatment protocols
  • -Ease of operation with no medical training required
  • - Additional revenue stream

Resorts & Spas
Distinguish yourself from other destinations.

Whole body cryotherapy will add to the guests' exceptional experience by letting them try an endorsed by many celebrities unusual, refreshing, energizing, rejuvenating, skin toning and metabolism boosting treatment in almost no extra time. A VacuLife treadmill and a SlimRoll are new to the US treatment modalities with exceptional results in body slimming, toning, shaping, fat burning and cellulite reduction.

M-Cryo promise to treatment providers:

  • -Standing out of the competition
  • -Attracting more customers through offering a celebrity endorsed upscale therapy
  • -Ease of operation with no special education required
  • -High capacity
  • -Additional source of revenue

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