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About This Product

​​Massage SlimRoll is a device for massage and shaping of all parts of the body. Infrared heated distinctively shaped roller with adjustable heat supply, speed and direction of rotation provides massage with elements of acupressure. It is a perfect complement to cryo, vacuum or infrared applications to achieve better and faster results.

The equipment is manufactured in Poland by Asperia Group and distributed in North America by M-Cryo LLC.


Power requirements: 230 VAC
Infrared lamps under the drum with adjustable intensity
2-way adjustable drum rotation
2 stools
Color touch screen LCD monitor displays exercises for the selected body parts (feet, calves, back and front of thighs, inner/outer thighs, buttocks, hips, abdominal, back, arms, or hands)
Pre-set regimens. Editor to create up to 100 individual exercise programs
Dimensions 34” x 34” x 30”
Weight: about 190 lbs
Maximum power consumption 800 W
Customizable exterior
Recommended length of a treatment 5 min per body part or up to 60 min total

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JTC Corp


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