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Aleksandr Matorin, installing cryosauna at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida. With NFL coach Tom Shaw, 2012

​​Although whole body cryotherapy concept was introduced in late 1970s and continuously growing in popularity in Europe since early 1980s, this holistic treatment modality was not known to Americans until 2009. Then the first working cryosauna was imported from Europe and installed in Dallas, TX, by Millennium ICE, Inc. As cryosauna was something completely new to America, it took Aleksandr Matorin, born in Kiev Russian American and the founder of Millennium ICE, a couple of years to build a small community of believers.

The first people to join the emerging cryotherapy movement in the US and to commit to its development were those of European descent or with strong connections and experiences in Europe. Among them, there were some of the current leaders of the industry. The cryotherapy concept was also supported by some respected thought leaders, such as meritorious long distance runner Alberto Salazar with his Nike Oregon Project and integrative health care promoter and bestselling author Dr. Alan Christianson.

Since 2011, many great athletes and professional sports teams, visionary health practitioners and entrepreneurs have adopted whole body cryotherapy. Millennium ICE has installed cryosaunas withNike, NBA New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns, ESPN, WWE and Los Angeles Dodgers. Cryotherapy has been featured on numerous TV shows, news channels and educational programs, Cryosauna treatments have been successfully replacing sitting in an ice bath for athletes, and thousands of people have reported better energy, less pain, avoided surgeries and dropped medications, thanks to applications of extreme cold. Cryotherapy has grown into a rapidly developing industry with hundreds of treatment locations and several competing equipment suppliers.

M-Cryo explodes into the american sports marketplace

To better serve the needs of the growing American market, Millennium ICE stopped importing cryotherapy saunas from Europe. A manufacturing company Majestic Cryo, Inc. was established in 2013, and cryosaunas M-Cryo have been manufactured in Richardson, TX ever since. M-Cryo is a trademark of Majestic Cryo, Inc. and represents a new generation of saunas, offering significant efficiency improvements and web based performance monitoring possibilities. All M-Cryo saunas are fully sourced in the US, and are 110 V “plug and play”.

Aleksandr Matorin, founder of Millennium ICE, installing cryosauna at Nike. With coach Alberto Salazar, runner Dathan Ritzenhein and partner Eric Rauscher, 2010

cryotherapy and more

Dr. Alan Christianson, addressing participants of the 1st Summit of Cryopractitioners in Dallas, October of 2012

In 2015, Majestic Cryo established great relationships with several European manufacturers to enhance the product portfolio. This product portfolio includes cryosauna brands Cryoness and Krion, vacuum and infrared treadmills VacuLife and massage devices SlimRoll.   All these products serve the same markets and provide great synergies for even better performance of the human body and faster recovery.

A few months later, 2011 NBA champions Dallas Maverics thanked cryotherapy for helping them to win the trophy. Thus, the “star of whole body cryotherapy” in America was born.

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Aleksandr Matorin installing an M-Cryo cryosauna at Dodgers Stadium in LA, 2013

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M-Cryo gets the Dr. Oz experience

Cryotherapy is featured for the first time on the Dr. Oz show with Millennium ICE and Dr. Debra Traxler, 2011.

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The M-Cryo Story

The efforts started bearing fruit in late 2010 when Millennium ICE team was invited to bring cryosauna to Dr. Oz show. In January of 2011, whole body cryotherapy with Dr. Oz aired. “Hype or Help?” asked Dr. Oz, and concluded “It helps!”