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ORIGINS of cryotherapy

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Applications of cold (water, ice) to strengthen immune system, to reduce inflammation and swelling and to minimize pain have been known for centuries. Many professional athletes have been using ice baths throughout their careers to help the body recover after exhausting workouts and competitions.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is the evolution of cold therapy, much more effective than local applications of cold, much more efficient, beneficial and comfortable than whole body immersion in an ice bath. By definition, WBC is a short-term exposure of the entire body to extremely low temperatures to trigger the body’s most powerful mechanisms of self-protection, self-recovery and self-rejuvenation. Cryotherapy treatment implies contact of uncovered skin with dry cold air of temperatures between -170 F and -270 F (-110 C and -170 C) for 2 to 3 minutes.

Extreme cold was first applied by Dr. Yamaguchi of Japan in 1978 - it appeared to significantly benefit his rheumatoid arthritis patients. In early 1980s, cryotherapy concept was brought to Europe where it has been intensively studied and applied in sports medicine and various other disciplines ever since. In 1994, a vertical immersion single person walk-in cryotherapy chamber, today’s most popular modality of whole body cryotherapy equipment, was introduced by Russian company Krion. This design was lighter, portable and more affordable than its predecessor, a 2-chamber walk-in cryosauna. It was also better received by users, as it required less protective gear and did not cause claustrophobia. So, the number of whole body cryotherapy saunas in use started growing. 

M-CryoTM is a proprietary whole body cryotherapy sauna, fully sourced and made in USA by Majestic CRYO, Inc since 2013. Its operating system allows for web based interface and remote performance monitoring and troubleshooting. This novelty makes cryosaunas M-Cryo stand out from the competition.