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Distinguish yourself from other destinations.  Whole body cryotherapy will add to the guests' exceptional experience by letting them try an endorsed by many celebrities unusual, refreshing, energizing, rejuvenating, skin toning and metabolism boosting treatment in almost no extra time.

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M-Cryo specializes in provision and service of wellness equipment – cryosaunas, vacuum and infrared treadmills, and massage SlimRolls, for commercial or personal use.


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Offer a healthier, safer, increasingly popular alternative.  Even though whole body cryotherapy is not a medical treatment approved by FDA, it has been studied for decades and proven to help to achieve better outcomes faster. 

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Cryotherapy has been a hot topic in wellness related media since 2011.  Have a look.


​Be a trendsetter.  Whole body cryotherapy is an innovative, yet established concept, proven to work in many markets and embraced by an exponentially increasing number of health conscious users.


Offer the therapy of champions.Whole body cryotherapy is part of a regular training regimen of many top level sports teams and individual athletes, including Olympic Medalists, NBA and NFL champions. 

Our team brought the first cryosaunas to the USA in 2009.  Today we offer over 8 cryosauna models from 3 different manufacturers in line with complementary wellness products VacuLife and SlimRoll.  Join us on our mission to promote healthy living, maximum performance of the human body, and fast, natural recovery.

M-Cryo brought cryotherapy to the Doctor Oz Show featuring Dr. Debra Traxler


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2016 Wold Champion Denver Broncos use M-Cryo

​The home of the made in the USA cryosaunas M-Cryo and the largest whole body cryotherapy equipment provider in North America!  We have it all because one size never fits all.

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